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Volunteers play a major role at the North Tipperary Hospice Movement and have done so since the foundation of the Hospice In Home Care Service in 1990. They come from all walks of life and all age groups. Ordinary people who want to make a difference. They have a diverse range of life experience and are loyal, committed contributors to the North Tipperary Hospice Movement.

How to Get Involved

In terms of opportunities to volunteer, there are two different spectrums.

  1. Our volunteers are members of the local sub-committees in North Tipperary who help in the Fundraising Department where volunteers have been involved in the annual Sunflower Day, Hospice Coffee Morning and various fundraising events throughout each year.
  2. Another way to get involved would be to volunteer at one of the two cancer support centres.

How you can get involved with a fundraising committee

  • You could get involved with one of the sub-committees- in Nenagh, Thurles, Templemore, Roscrea, or Drom & Inch, or indeed if you would like to set organise a new committee in North Tipperary we would be delighted to see new branches emerging.
  • Become a Fundraising Volunteer. Give us a little of your time to help us organise fundraising events, helping with distribution of Sunflowers, organise a Coffee Morning and other special events which raise much needed funds for us.
  • Become a Contact Person for us in your Orgainsation/Club/Workplace. This would be so valuable in fundraising i.e. helping to sell/distribute our Hospice Sunflowers on Sunflower Days and organise sponsored golf events/walks/runs within your company etc.

How you can get involved in the Cancer Support Centres

  • Depending on your skills and if you were qualified you could treat clients to one of the holistic therapies (reflexology, massage etc) or provide counseling for them.
  • You could also
    • Be a meet & greet for clients who come to the drop in centre.
    • Look after the outside maintenance.
    • Look after the day-to-day running of the centre.
    • Some administration tasks
  • You would have to meet with the director of each facility for a chat to see how you would fit in. Then there are 1-2 obligatory training sessions, before you start and you would also need to be Garda vetted.

Why People Volunteer:

  • To help a good cause by doing something meaningful and fulfilling
  • To be part of a team
  • To get a better balance in life
  • To help others
  • To give something back
  • To be challenged
  • To make a difference
  • To share with others
  • To learn a new skill
  • To support their local community
  • To cheer people up
  • To keep busy
  • To make a change
  • To make new friends
  • For fun